Thursday, August 23, 2007

BOOKS: My Comments on The Odyssey and About Reading a Book More Than Once

Ha ha! I made our company's newletter! :) - OlderMusicGeek

Employees share their favorite books

A great book is the most faithful of companions. After you've read it, it'll never leave you. Today, nine employees share books that have made memorable impressions on them....

The Odyssey by Homer. Epic poem. “I have read it about eight times, have listened to it on audio books twice, and I have it on my MP3 player, so little bits and pieces of it come up randomly with my alternative, punk, swing, bluegrass, reggae and whatnot."

(Actually this is a pretty big deal for me, because Oedipus the King is the only other book I've read more than 3 times. - Some day, I need to explain why Oedipus should be looked up to instead looked at in horror. Thanks Sigmund Freud for making Oedipus look so bad. I will let you know that Oedipus did NOT know that she was his mother and was horrified when he found out! -

But back to The Odyssey and reading. In fact, I rarely read - or listen to - a book twice, because I feel that's taking time away from reading or listening to a new book. So that I read The Odyssey eight times and listened to it twice should give some idea what it means to me!)

"I’m not exactly sure why this books speaks to me, but part of it is because of Odyseus’s dedication. In the 20 years he was gone, no matter what happened, what stood in his way, he was determined to return to his wife and son."

"And Odysseus got out of all of his troubles by using his head. He didn’t just use his sword to get out. In fact, he realized his sword would sometimes get him in bigger trouble. He is a thinking man’s action hero."

"Finally, Odysseus wasn’t perfect. He lost all his men, and he lost a number of them because of wrong decisions he made. And he admitted to himself that he made those mistakes.”— (I do NOT put my name of the internet!), quality assurance review analyst, Iowa Medicaid (no directory photo available)

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