Sunday, October 10, 2010

MUSIC: Song Of The Day - Halloween Edition: "Boris The Spider" By The Who

This is from me, and NOT some reprinted material. - OlderMusicGeek

Well, it's that time of the year again. Which means it's time for Halloween music. This song is dedictated to The Blag Hag aka @jennifurret on Twitter aka Jennifer McCreight!

A link to other Halloween music

Sunday, October 03, 2010

MUSIC: My Quick Thoughts On Yellowbrick Magazine's 8 For 8 Show At People's

This is from me, and NOT some reprinted material. - OlderMusicGeek

I and my friend, Sassy Witch, went to The 8 For 8 Show (8 bands for 8 bucks) sponsored by the Yellowbrick magazine.. And I didn't have my phone with me to send tweets and Facebook updates, so I scribbled my thoughts on a piece of paper. And The Sassy Witch decided to add hers too!

The first band, Goodbye Kai, I thought were a good, but not great band that were driving. The Sassy Witch said they were very energetic, but not her cup of tea.

Sassy Witch liked the second band, Happy Go Lovely, which we both thought were very 70s-ish. In fact, their lead singer with his curly blond locks would look perfectly fine in a 70s rock video!

The third band, Bella Verona, was slow noisy generic indie rock with six members including two guitars and keyboards. I thought they would have sounded better in a stripped down quartet. But Sassy Witch thought they were the best band yet, but would be better in a quieter genre.

A Past Unknown were interesting! In fact, The Sassy Witch, thought her tattoo covered son would love this Christian screamo/hardcore band. Yes, they were a Christian band but with a lead singer wearing a stocking cap that sings like Patrick Warburton (Joe, the handicapped cop n “Family Guy”) screams. But why choose a genre where noone can understand the lyrics as a way of passing a Christian message? And they preached too long for a secular show!

But one guy in the band had a shirt that said “We mosh for the Lord”! And, dang, the three guys backing the singer could squat down low with their legs far apart while still playing! My thighs got sore just watching them!

Just The Kid, the fifth band was freaking awesome! The just played this super fun catchy rocking alternative music. And they knew how to work an audience. They had us all dancing, singing along, and laughing at their between song chatter. As The Sassy Witch thought they were the best of all and cute as well as having great lyrics. Plus, the band does a rocking cover of “Tik Tok”!

The sixth artist, Cashes Rivers, was pleasant acoustic rock. The Sassy Witch wanted to hear him playing with his full band.

The last band, History On Repeat, was good, but generic, hard-driving rock.

So overall, it was a good, but not great show. But definitely not worth 8 bucks, although I appreciate Yellowbrick sponsoring a show like this. And I'm definitely going to check out Just The Kid again!

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