Saturday, August 13, 2005

MUSIC: Hall and Oates - Why I Hate Them So

This is another old blog from main sight, but if fits better here.

I don't know what it is about Hall and Oates - but they really get on my nerves.

Not the two guys. From what I've seen of them, they seem like nice enough guys, but their music just drives me insane.

And it's not like there are artists who do worse music. Take Michael Bolton for instance. He takes all this great soul music - and fills it up using the emotional skills of William Shatner's acting combined with the slickness of Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton combined. (Yes, that's right, I said Ronald Reagan AND Bill Clinton! So give it to me from both sides people!)

And don't get me started on Celine Dion! Can all those fans of The Titanic soundtrack be wrong?! Yes, they can!

But there's just something about Hall and Oates that drives me batty! When that "oh-oh-oh" from "Maneater" comes on, I find myself becoming a cheesy nightclub singer snapping my fingers and singing along.

And what's with the ten thousand -ist rhymes on "Your Kiss is on My List". Oh, okay, we get it! You know how to use a rhyming dictionary! So do the guys in those foot gelling commercials. But at least those commercials aren't put to a schmaltzy melody!

But the one that drives me craziest is that "oo-oo-you make-ah my dreams come true" song. Is it so hard to say "make"? What? Are they trying to act Italian or something? Is his real name Hallini?

But the worst thing about this song is the stupid catchy melody gets stuck in my head, and I find myself singing this song the rest of the day! Actually, it's not even the whole song, just the stupid chorus! And then choruses of their other songs pop out of my mouth!

Oh god, it's my head now! Let me end now and go listen to some Sex Pistols!

Oo-oo. Oo-oo. Oh God, help me.

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