Thursday, February 07, 2008

MUSIC: My Favorite Song of the Day (That I Haven't Mentioned Already) - My Challenge to Myself

This from me, NOT some reprinted article. - OlderMusicGeek

I don't exactly where this idea came from - even though I just thought of it today - shows you what kind of memory I got. But I got all sorts of crazy ideas going through my head all the time - I can't keep track of them all - I'm like the Micheal Keaton character in the movie, Night Shift (IMDb link to Night Shift) - * starts singing Jumping Jack Flash*

But I remember that I kept reading and hearing about these different challenges for artists. In November, there's a challenge to writers to write a whole novel in that month. I had also heard ofa 48-hour challenge for film makers to write and film a short within 48 hours. And comic book creators have a once-a-year challenge to do a 24-page comic story in 24 hours. And in this month of February there is the RPM challenge, for musicians to write and record a cd of 10 songs or 35 minutes of music within this month.

And I wanted a challenge for myself.

I was trying to think of a way to show my love of music. I felt that I wasn't showing or explaining how much and what music means to me. After all, I am the OlderMUSICGeek. And by that, I meant that I am an older geek of MUSIC, all music, NOT a geek of just older music.

And somehow or another I remember hearing on NPR how one of the guys from Mystery Science Theatre 3000 saw one movie a day for a year and wrote a book about it.

I thought of listening to one album a day for a year and writing a blog post on it each day. It wouldn't be too difficult for me to do since I can listen to music at work. I have a 30 gig mp3 player I listen to at work with over 5000 songs on it - and I do a bit of rotating every two or three weeks. But then I thought of something that was more meaningful and would give a better reflection of me. I decided that I would write about my favorite song that I heard that day - and why I like it and why it holds meaning for me and touches me.

So I thought about it, mulled it over in my mind and even discussed it with my daughter, who told me if I wrote all 366 posts - it's a leap year - that she would give me $10. So, woo hoo, I've got to do it now!

I can't promise that I will write a piece everyday. But I will keep track of what what was my favorite song I heard that day and play catch up when I can. All the posts will be at this site, OlderMusicGeek's Stupid Entertainment Stuff, which is at http://oldermusicgeekentertainment.blogspot.com/.

I should warn you though, most of the songs will probably be alternative rock or punk rock. And a lot will probably come from the 70's and 80's. But I listen to a wide range of music besides alternative, punk and electronica - I also enjoy big band and swing, oldies, classic rock, world music, folk, bluegrass, Irish, reggae, cajun/zydeco, African, Indian, movie scores among other types. So there should still be a good bit of variety. And I won't include any song twice. If my favorite song of some day was a favorite song before, I'll just go with #2 - or #3 or whatever!

So if you don't see as many posts at this site, I hope you'll understand why. I'm a man on a mission! - to educate, explain and spread my love of music.

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