Wednesday, February 27, 2008

MUSIC: Further Email Exchanges about Music in One's Head

This is another email exchange on music I had with Beau, a person who I was a Peace Corps volunteer with in southern Africa. - OlderMusicGeek


I'm surprised by all the responses I got from the song in my head. Such good returns from the investment of just of a few silly lines! While we're on the subject, note that almost any Beatles song can be improved by using lunch instead of love.

All we need is lunch, yeah.
Lunch is all we need.

What's even more incredible is that it works with LeAnne Rimes too!

Some say Lunch, it is a Sandwich
with pickles, and Mayonnaise


A great way to annoy your children I found - is to throw their name in song wherever possible - especially a song they like...

(to Promiscuous Girl)
oh sloppy Jen
you're killing me
you know I want
a clean room's what you need

(to shut up and drive)
Go from 0 to 60 in three point five
Jen you got the rag
Now shut up and clean
(clean, clean, clean)
Shut up and clean
(clean, clean, clean)

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