Sunday, February 10, 2008

MUSIC: My Favorite Song of the Day (That I Haven't Mentioned Already) - Feb 9, 2007 - "Love You More" by Buzzcocks

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I have to admit that until recently that I'd never heard that much of Buzzcocks' stuff.

I mean I always liked what I heard. I just, for some reason, never got around to listening to more of their stuff. I don't why since I really liked the stuff I had heard.

But finally, I downloaded their singles collection, Singles Going Steady. - I know, I love the title too! -

And I loved everything I've heard so far. - And no, I haven't listened to the whole cd. Sorry, people, but I love shuffle, and I love hearing a whole variety of music. That's why I got a 30 gig mp3 player. And will get a 80 gig one of these days! -

So this song actually isn't one of their great tunes. Which, of course, brings up why is it on My Favorite Song of the Day. What can I say? I had a busy day and didn't listen to much music this Saturday, so this was the best song I heard.

I mean it's a good song and a fun song. It's got all of the Buzzcocks' great sound going for it. That speed driven punk guitar work, the usual hard slapping punk bass, and the pound-pound throw-in-a-few-cymbals punk drumming. Along with Peter Shelley's fun lyrics and singing. And some nice melodies and harmonies going for it too.

The ending is kind of annoying, because it sounds like your cd player died.

But like, I said, the main problem with this song is that Buzzcocks have better tunes. This song only gives you a taste of what Buzzcocks are capable of. So if you like this song, I strongly recommend that you try some of their other stuff.

A link to the Buzzcocks web site

A link to My Favorite Song of the Day posts

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