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MUSIC: My Favorite Song of the Day (That I Haen't Mentioned Already) - Feb 11, 2007 –“The Time Warp (Remix)” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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This is an 1989 remix of the song that was on the version of the cd that I found at my local library.

There are about 10 million cd’s with different versions of the soundtrack to the movie. I’m not exactly sure which one I have!

But I should admit from the start here that I am, more or less, a virgin. It’s a sad thing to admit in your mid-40’s – especially considering that I’ve been married and have a kid!

Although I’ve had seen the movie, I haven’t been to one of the wild and proper shows. I’ve seen it on tv twice and went to see it in the theater once but there was hardly anyone there so no one did the performances.

And now in my mid-40’s, I’d feel a little awkward going to one of the shows. Maybe I’ll go to one of the anniversary showings – when there will be older folks like myself there. Go with my daughter and embarrass her or something.

Well, what can I say about “The Time Warp”? Anyone who’s been to the movie knows what a great tune it is. But since I have a job here to do, I’ll try to describe it.

First off, there’s that guitar that sounds like a train careening down a hill to a bridge that has collapsed.

Then of course we have that rough voice coming in talking about how madness is taking its toll but he somehow has to keep control. And he’s joined by a vampirella voice, hers slowly drawn out complementing his biting style.

Then suddenly he whips into a heavy metal scream over this wonderful boogie-woogie piano, giving it an almost 50s feel. And on the remix, there’s this wonderful, syncopated snare drum added. Then a chorus of dominantly females joyously singing about doing the time warp again.

This is followed by the contradiction of a stuffy professor type telling us that it’s only a jump to left, while a rowdy chorus of gals in a 50’s style yell that it’s then step to the ri-i-i-ight.

Then after another exchange between Mr 70’s-Rock Word-Biting Singer and Vampirella, we bring in the 40s with a fun nasally singer – apparently mixing the 50s and 70s in one song isn’t enough. Plus, what’s a little tap dancing too?!

This remix adds a few quotes from the movie, without overdoing it and dragging it out too long.

Then the professor and the chorus bring us into the wonderful run out of energy finish!

Beautiful and too much fun!

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