Friday, February 22, 2008

MUSIC: Songs in One's Head

This is an email exchange between me and a person I was a Peace Corps volunteer with, who I'll call Beau, who I put on here before. - OlderMusicGeek


I've had a song in my head.

I don't normally watch 'American Idol' but it was on the other night and I was in the room and some guy was belting out a Doors song. That in itself wouldn't be so bad, but my wife's been after me to fill up the front right tire on her car which looks pretty low. She'd been bothering me day and night over that stupid tire, it's one of those 'shut up already!' things. Between that and the American Idol song, I have this thing in my head. It goes like this:

Come on baby check my tire.
The pressure needs to still go higher.
Do it be--fore we retire.
You said you would, don't be a liar.
Come on baby check my tire!


That's as bad as me coming up with commercials - thank the god for pop tunes that I do NOT work in advertising...

spray it all out
these are the stains we can do without
come one I'm washing with you
come in

And to sting's song...

free free
Pepsi free
if you dont need caffeine, call it's name
if you want less tension, you do the same
if you want keep blood pressure precious
you lock tension up and throw away the key
don't hold onto your colas
and just relax with me
if dont want caffeine, set it free
free, free pepsi free

Somebody save me!

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