Saturday, March 22, 2008

MOVIES/VIDEOS and COMICS: Jesus Christ - Vampire Hunter?

WARNING: If you don't like Jesus being used in jokes, you better not check out this post. - OlderMusicGeek

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A comicbook review for a REAL comic...
Loaded Bible: Jesus vs. Vampires One-Shot
Writer: Tim Seeley
Pencils: Nate Bellegarde
Finishes: Mark Englert

“In the near future, the United States is ruled by bloodsucking vampire hordes and only one man can end their reign of terror.”

“What would Jesus do?”

“He’d kick Vampire ass.”

Plot: After 9/11, Americans who fear Muslim extremists vote in a president that they feel will allow Christianity to rule the day over these “heathens”. This president attacks foreign countries in the name of God and puts down these devil hordes. When people begin to realize that vampires are among us the government creates a special council to defeat them.

When the vampires attempt to assassinate the council, all hell breaks loose and they nuke everything. In the future, Jesus comes down to save the human race from these vampires (who survived because they are immune to radiation) in the form of a sword wielding action hero with a message.

*48 Christ-tacular pages*

Review: (sarcasm alert) Thank God. It is about time that a comic book, television show, news story, etc. comes out that denigrates our government and attempts to reduce Christianity to a bunch of catchy slogans and bumper stickers. I was starting to wonder if someone would ever be courageous and “edgy” enough to attempt it. Kudos…

Now that I got that out of my system, let’s actually review the book. The above rant notwithstanding, I actually enjoyed the book. Very well rounded characters, beautiful artwork by Nate Bellegarde and Mark Englert, and as an action story I was turning the pages at a pretty quick pace. The bad puns and heavy-handed anti-establishment panels were a little much. The only thing missing was a reference to “kicking ass for the lord”. But that would have just been silly.

At least Tim Seeley seems to have a sense of humor about what he is doing. The action and the message are evenly dispersed throughout the book without ever mixing so it is easy to move past the sermons (irony) and on to Jesus kicking a little ass. You should pick up this book if you agree with the political opinion of its writer or are just a person that really can’t take political messages in a book about a sword wielding Jesus killing vampires very seriously. Because, in context, it is actually a pretty good read.

A link to the review

A link to the original YouTube site for this video

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