Monday, May 19, 2008

MOVIES/VIDEOS: A New Look At An 70s Animation Cult Classic

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Well, I watched a movie I hadn't for 10 years and had only watched it that once in over 20 years.

Here's a couple of tweets I put up about it on my Twitter page...

showed my daughter a movie of my younger days - wizards - wikipedia.org/wiki/ Wizards_(film). she said it was weird but she wasnt impressed.

i have to admit i liked "wizards" better in my 20s in a theater at midnight with fellow fans than watching on tv in my 40s with my daughter.

I don't know if I'm becoming more cynical or just lost my youthful enthusiasm. But Wizards used to be one of my favorite films of all time. I saw it at least 5 times in my 20's.

And in the midwest, that was hard to do! They didn't show that often!

Unfortunately, that was before dvd's - or even before many people had vcr's! So the theater was the only place to see a lot of films.

And one of the ways to see interesting films was at a midnight movie. In the 1970's, theaters would show their more freaky and rock movies at midnight.

So I saw Wizards with other die-hard fans. It was a fun and exciting atmosphere. Similiar, but not nearly as intense, as Rocky Horror Picture Show showings. A few people actually did dress up. Others had buttons like "They Killed Fritz!"

But most people there had seen the film and had heard from word of mouth about the film - no internet then - it was either word of mouth or from magazines!

So maybe Wizards doesn't do as much for me because I'm more jaded. Maybe it's cus the atmosphere of watching it at home with a daughter who didn't think much of it can't be as fun as watching it in a dark theatre with fellow fans excited to see the movie.

Maybe because of the increase of independent films, Wizards just isn't as impressive.

I really don't know. I just know that although I still like it and find it a fascinating film, it doesn't grip me and hold me like it once did. It doesn't move my heart like it once did.

I just don't care for Avatar, Peace, Weehawk like I once did. And although I once watched the movie over 5 times in probably less than 5 years, it might be another 10 years before I see it again.

As a bonus feature - here's the stuff the reviewer from Badmovies.org learned from Wizards...

Never interrupt an elven funeral, especially if he's burying his horse-thing.
Somebody is going to kill Fritz.
The Nazi's were ruled by an evil sorcerer.
16mm film can last millions of years if stored correctly.
Demons and mutants love disco.
Religions must involve spanking and Coca-Cola.
Giant ticks are flammable.
Elves watch lots of Bruce Lee films.
Viagra will survive the apocalypse. (You explain some 6,000 year old man having a sex drive.)

Wikipedia page on Wizards
The page on Wizards from the director's website
Badmovies.org's page on Wizards

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