Thursday, October 23, 2008

MUSIC: Song Of The Day - Halloween Edition (Oct 22): "Scooby- Doo, Where Are You?" By Matthew Sweet And "Goolie Get-Together" By The Toadies

This song - "Scooby Doo, Where Are You" by Matthew Sweet - is from a compilation cd that came out in the 90s. They had a bunch of alternative bands from that time doing cartoon theme songs from the 60s - which was when i was watching cartoons! Okay, I still do, but I got up on Saturday to watch them then!

If you don't Matthew Sweet, it's because he didn't have any big hits. He did, though, get played on college stations. His biggest hit was probably "Girlfriend".

And since I had room when I emailed this song to friends and family, I added another song from that cd - "Goolie Get-Together" by The Toadies. If don't remember that cartoon, it was a weird mix of having horror monsters in a "Laugh-In" sort of set-up!

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