Sunday, March 01, 2009

MUSIC: Corrupting My Much Younger Brother With The Violent Femmes

My brother, Harmonica23, wrote this for his Facebook page. - OlderMusicGeek

(Harmonica23)’s Album Life Stories Vol. 1
Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes

I’m not sure of the year but I was 12ish. My brother Dan had returned home from college and with him he had brought the Violent Femmes classic first album. Needless to say with it’s catchy hooks and infectious lyrics, it stuck in your head all day. I was instantly hooked.

At this point let me tell you my Mother tried her best to keep my young impressionable mind safe from the sex and violent flooded media of the 80’s….I still snuck into the living room to watch late night Skinamax, but she tried!

One day my brother and I were rocking out to “Add it Up” in my basement bedroom with the door open when my mother was up in the kitchen. It got to the “Why can’t I get just one kiss” part and my brother warned me I’d best turn it down. Being a dumb tween I just replied with a “Huuuuh” . Along came the “Why can’t I get just one screw” line and my mom came storming down the stairs shouting “What on earth are you listing to” fully appalled that her not yet teen son is not only listening to but fully enjoying a song about not be able to get laid. Needless to say after this out bust I turned the stereo all the way down. All I could say was “Um Uhh , Violent Femmes??”. It was then my brother Dan stepped up to bat for me and told my Mom “It’s my album. I’m sorry, I forgot about the suggestive lyrics, I won’t play it around him anymore” (wink, wink).

Apparently my Mom accepted this plea because she went back up stairs about her business and we listened to the rest of “Add It Up” at low volume. We got off the hook and my Mother was forever oblivious to the fact that the very next line in the song was “ Why can’t I get just one F***!”….OK , that is until now.

Sorry Mom, your efforts weren’t completely wasted. I pretty sure I know my right from wrong…despite the late night Skinamax. Still a bit bitter about not being able to see Gremlins in the theater but I Love Ya!

(named removed) at 7:03am February 26
But I hope you know.. that this will go down on your permanent record..

(OlderMusicGeek)at 3:52pm March 1
what i remember - is mom being so thrilled when i made a tape of the violent femme's then 3 albums and gave you my ww1 coat before i left for africa!

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