Sunday, March 22, 2009

MUSIC: Which Rock Star Are You?

Which Famous Rockstar Are You?
Avril Lavigne Your a very nice person. You have a great fashion statement. You have nice hair. You also have many people who care about you!
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Which rock star are you most like?
You are Jennifer Lopez.
Other choices: Ozzy Osbourne, Britney Spears, Clay Aiken, Jessica Simpson.
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Which dead rock star are you?
John Lee Hooker
You scored 33 Addictability, 30 Destructive, 42 Accidental, and 44 Angst!
Face it, you're not going to die young. You face a long and successful career and an on stage heart attack in your mid 80's. (John Lee Hooker died on stage at the age of 82)
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Which rock star are you like?
For 42 % you are: You are like James Taylor. You have an earthly aura to you and you are at peace. You're generally a friendly and outgoing guy.
23.75 % of 3351 Quiz participants had this profile!
You could also get this result:
For 33 % you are: You are like Kurt Cobain of Nirvana; grunge clothing, living the wild life, married to punk rock. Generally, you may have trouble with the media.
Or even this one:
For 25 % you are: You're like Michael Stipe of R.E.M. You are very shy, with short hair, you like to jump around and dance with a microphone in your hand. You are generally reserved and quiet in private, but occasionally outspoken.
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Which Rock Star Are You
Axl Rose

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You're a hard rock hero with a need to be alone. you front a band called Guns N' Roses and you have a kick ass voice.
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Which rockstar are you?
Gene Simmons

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Which Rock Star Are You?
Mariah Carey

Sing it girlfriend! If you were a music celeb, you'd be most like Mariah Carey. Not too shabby, considering her multi-octave voice has dazzled the entire world.

What Kind Of Rock Star Are You?
You are a Emo Rock Star.
You like to cry about personal songs about life or death. You also like to dress differently than every one else and like to stay home.
Emo Rockstar - 60%
Rock and Roll Rock Star -50%
Punk Rock Star - 50%
Goth Rock Star - 20%
Metal Rock Star - 20%
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